interpreter, travel assistant all over Ukraine EURO 2012


i am a guide, interpreter, travel assistant in Ukraine based in Kiev.
i offer my services to everyone coming to Ukraine and need any assistance in Ukraine
1. phone guiding – i help you around on the phone. if you have any problem you call me and i help you to fix it.
2. accommodation
3. transportation
and lots of other things you might need during your visit to Ukraine also more info you can find on my web page
www. ace- interpreter. com

телефон: +380979948725
VK Twitter FB mailru livejournal OK Google

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interpreter, travel asistant Ukraine, EURO 2012

i am a guide, interpreter, travel assistant in Ukraine based in Kiev and Chernovtsy. i offer my services to everyone coming to Ukraine and need...

Euro 2012. Interpreter.

Hello dear visitors of Ukraine. My name is Inna. I'm an interpreter/ translator and if you need some help during your staying in Ukraine during...

Interpreter for Euro 2012

First of all - if I’m not busy I will help you on the telephone or online for free with great pleasure. Feel free to...

Interpreter for Euro 2012

I would like to offer accompaniment and guiding services for Euro 2012 all over Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia region. Experienced interpreter. For more information please call...

Interpreter for Euro 2012 Poltava

Dear Sirs. I’m a skilled and conscientious translator/ interpreter of English. I shall provide you high- quality services of interpret and translator into English, Ukrainian, Russian...

Services of an interpreter & a guide in Kharkov during Euro 2012

I propose services of an interpreter & a guide for fans who’ll come to Kharkov (Ukraine) for “Euro 2012” I’ll do my best to...

Interpreter for EURO 2012

Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Elias and I'm a professional interpreter, working with English- speaking visitors of Ukraine. I offer you my assistance during the Ukrainian...

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Translator/ Interpreter for EURO 2012

Dear Sirs, I can provide You with high- quality services of interpreter/ translator of English, Russian, Ukrainian in Kiev. Translation of agreements, warrants, statutes, licenses, business...

Interpreter of English (support)

Accompaniment during Euro 2012, excursions by Kyiv and assistance on different official events. Support of interpreter of English. ...

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Владислав: Куплю админку Наташиклаб. Рассмотрю любые предложения. Пишите в телеграм +38 097 495 45 93 /
Алена: Если еще актуально - советую очень хорошего целителя в сумской области. Очень рекомендую. тел 0983299150
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